a-rod must make his own way

April 22nd, 2007

I am sick and tired of the people who want to give Alex Rodriguez a free pass.  One month is all we’ve seen of him.  Poor Alex.  Poor Alex.  He was the one who used Boras as his agent.  He signed the biggest contract in history.  Why shouldn’t fans expect someone who can do better in the postseason?  If he didn’t want the media scrutiny, he should have stayed in Seattle or Texas.  He wanted a ring as much as anyone else who goes to New York.  Let him now play like it or let him walk.

barry as record holder, no!

April 14th, 2007

I have this sickening feeling my stomach. There’s a terrible pounding in my head. I’m constantly nauseous and feel like I want to throw up. Did I eat some tainted food? No, now I know what it is! Barry Bonds(?) hit homers 736(?) and 737(?). For future reference, the ‘?’ refers to the possibility or probability of steroid use. When and if Mr. (?) passes Aaron, I will shut off my television and computer in respect of those legitimate home run hitters, especially Hank Aaron.

sarandon/robbins bother hall.

April 14th, 2003

I guess the first item up for discussion, is the whole Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon and Hall of Fame rift. Personally, I can see Petroskey’s worries about Robbins and Sarandon speaking at the Hall of Fame on the anniversary of the releas of Bull Durham. There are several Hall of Famers who are veterans and veterans do get free admission, but it’s not like there’s any doubt that those two oppose the war. His best solution would have been to postpone the celebration until after the war, not invite them or hold it at a later time, perhaps at the 20 year anniversary. The whole argument about Sarandon and Robbins hurting the soldiers in Iraq is pretty flimsy. Do the two know something about troop movements that the Joint Chiefs don’t? Please. He should have cancelled this event long before the war began. Who has a 15 year celebration of a movie, anyway? Twenty sounds so much better and it sells DVD’s so much better. If he wanted to silence the two of them, he should never have held it, what a better way to silence them. Now, the two appear wronged in the media and he looks the proper fool. I don’t support either Sarandon or Robbins, but Petroskey played into their hands. Now they can cry censorship and they’ll be heard anyway. Cancelling their visit essentially was like banning a book, the more you censor something, the more people want to know. Maybe Petroskey will learn from this, maybe he won’t, but it certainly did wonders for Sarandon and Robbins.

alex gordon’s first home run.

April 10th, 2007

Alex Gordon’s first home run came last night. Hopefully, this will get him on the right track and he can start on his way. Before the season began, we predicted that Gordon would win Rookie of the Year. Baseballist.com still believes that. Good luck and congratulations Alex.

aaron won’t see bonds break the record

April 9th, 2007

Hank Aaron, when asked if he would go to see Bonds break his career home run record, said that he would not be there. Bonds didn’t mind. Of course, I think the truth is that Bonds is so repugnant to him, that Aaron wants nothing to do with the supposed record. Aaron knows that Bonds is a cheat and that it won’t be a legitimate record.

alex gordon’s first hit

April 5th, 2007

Alex Gordon’s first hit came today. He ended up on third, but no one could bat him home. He also had an error on a routine play, but that’s all part of being a rookie. After all, this is only his third game.

new edition of the natural on dvd

April 2nd, 2007

On April 3, The Natural Director’s Cut will be brought out on DVD. And ESPN2 had a special on it on April 1. ESPN showed footage of all the modern players, but as usual, thinks baseball began in about 1950 and that no one can touch these modern players. I understand the similarity between Roy Hobbs and Kirk Gibson, but how about Roy Hobbs and Ted Williams (number nine), or Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Joe Jackson, or Josh Gibson. Another ESPN politically correct production. It never hurts to remember that ESPN’s parent company is Disney.

there’s a tear in my beer…

March 22nd, 2007

By now everyone has heard about Tony LaRussa’s arrest for DUI in Jupiter, Florida.  His blood alcohol level was 0.093 percent, above Florida’s legal driving limit of 0.08 percent.  Police noticed him asleep at the wheel when his SUV did not move after two green lights.  Sadly, sports talk about performance enhancing drugs but how little is done about alcohol.  Hopefully, Mr. LaRussa will get some help and might help others.  Obviously, being in St. Louis probably doesn’t help.

uecker’s stalker reappears.

March 21st, 2007

When a person thinks of a man who has stalkers we might think of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, but NOT Bob Uecker.  But yet there it is Bob’s stalker is back.  So just when Bob thought it was safe to go back into the booth, she was in the stadium in Phoenix.  The woman had a ticket and was asked to leave.  It wasn’t apparent whether Bob was actually there, according to the press release from the Milwaukee Brewers, but still I guess the threat was there.  So this woman must be just a bit psycho, a bit outside the regular realm of sanity.  Still, this is Bob Uecker.  Maybe she’s had a crazy crush since Mr. Belvedere.  Or it could be obsessing over his beer commercials.  Or his stint as an announcer on Major League.  Maybe she thinks the Indians did win it all in the 1980’s.

pete pete pete.

March 18th, 2007

Pete Rose admitted that he bet on his own team, the Reds, when he was a manager. That was what Pete  told Dan Patrick last week on ESPN Radio.  Well, Pete, you can forget about the Hall at this point.