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Beets and turnips were the original jack-o-lanterns.

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A Happy Halloween to one and all!

Johnny Crosby never failed to back out of a dare. Tonight was only another one. On this night, he and three other guys would stay out on the old Hansen place out by the old town. He drove the old Monte Carlo like a pirate ship trying to escape the British Navy. In the trunk was a Ouija Board, two twelve packs, blankets, pillows, and three bags of deer jerky from last year. He had Marilyn Manson in the CD player. It was a bad choice, because even an expensive piece of equipment like it would skip on these low maintenance roads.

And skip it did, until finally, Johnny shut the thing off. It was starting to become dark as he parked not far from the old Hansen place. Strangely enough, Johnny had never thought about this before. The Hansen place had been deserted for years, yet not one window was broken out of it. No door was kicked in. As always, his friends were late. Johnny opened the car door and wondered where they were. He wouldn't wait long, not out here.

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