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Negro Leagues Timeline

MLB Violence Timeline

Baseballist Baseball History Timeline
Year Event
1823 Baseball referred to in National Advocate, a New York newspaper.
1856 Phrase, 'the National Pastime' coined by the New York Mercury.
1839 In Cooperstown, New York, Abner Doubleday is erroneously given credit for inventing baseball.
1845 Alexander Joy Cartwright develops the rules of baseball.
1846 A group of cricket players and the Knickerbockers play the first official game.
1866 A group from Vassar College forms the first women's team.
1867 The first curveball is credited to being thrown by Candy Cummings.
1869 Cincinnati Reds become first all-professional baseball club. Team folds in next year.
1876 William Hulbert is named president of the newly-formed National League.
1877 For accepting bribes, baseball bans four players.
1879 Reserve clause adopted by professional baseball, which let teams automatically renew a player's contract at the end of the season.
1882 The American Baseball Association, also known as The Beer and Whiskey League (the American Baseball Association) is formed.
1884 Moses Fleetwood Walker debuts. He is the first African-American player in the Major Leagues.
1884 Pete Browning is the first to use a Louisville Slugger bat.
1889 Creation of the Players' League.
1890 Cy Young debuts in the Major Leagues.
1894 Pitching mound moved from 50 feet to 60.6 feet from home plate.
1900 The American League is formed.
1903 The first World Series is played by the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Pilgrims. It will be won by the Pilgrims.
1904 As a result of a feud between John McGraw and Ban Johnson, the World Series is not played.
1905 Ty Cobb premieres with the Detroit Tigers.
1906 The Chicago Cubs have one of the greatest seasons in history, winning 116 and losing 36.
1907 Walter Johnson debuts for the Senators.
1908 Fred Merkle's error results in the Giants losing the pennant to the Cubs.
1909 Ty Cobb wins the Triple Crown. His Tigers will lose the Series to Wagner's Pirates.
1912 Tiger Stadium opens in Detroit and Fenway Park opens in Boston. A ball dropped by Fred Snodgrass loses the Series for the Giants. Baseball endures its first strike.
1913 The Federal League forms. Ebbets Field opens
1916 The black in 20th century organized baseball, Jimmy Claxton, is fired to due to his African-American ancestry.
1918 The 'Star-Spangled Banner' is sung for the first time at a game. Many ballplayers serve in World War I.
1919 The Chicago White Sox throw the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds.
1920 Ruth is sold to the Yankees. Ray Chapman is killed by a pitch from Carl Mays.
1921 First live radio broadcast of a major league game from station KDKA in Pittsburgh.
1923 Yankee Stadium opens.
1927 The Yankees win the World Series
1928 Ty Cobb retires with the highest lifetime batting average.
1933 The first All-Star Game is played.
1935 The first night game in the major leagues at Crosley Field in Cincinnati. The Reds beat the Phillies 2-1.
1936 The Baseball Hall of Fame inducts its first players. Joe DiMaggio debuts for the Yankees.
1939 Lou Gehrig takes himself out of the lineup, ending his streak. Gehrig makes his 'Luckiest Man' speech on July 4.
1941 Joe DiMaggio hits safely in 56 games and Ted Williams hits .406.
1945 Jackie Robinson debuts in the major leagues.
1947 First televised baseball game.
1954 Willie Mays makes 'The Catch' in the World Series.
1956 Mickey Mantle wins the Triple Crown. Don Larsen pitches a perfect game in the World Series.
1957 The Giants and Dodgers will move from New York to the West Coast.
1961 The death of Ty Cobb, the greatest hitter and player of all-time. Maris breaks Ruth's single season home run mark.
1966 The first artificial sports surface, Astroturf, is installed in the Houston Astrodome.
1969 Curt Flood begins his battle against the reserve clause.
1973 George Steinbrenner buys the Yankees. The designated hitter rule goes into effect.
1975 The reserve clause ends.
1981 A seven week strike occurs by players.
1983 George Brett is declared out after homering, when it is discovered that he had more than the legal amount of pine tar on his bat. The last inning was later replayed with Brett's homer being counted. The final score, Royals 13, Yankees 8.
1985 Ty Cobb's all-time hits record is broken by Pete Rose.
1989 Pete Rose is banned from baseball. An earthquake interrupts the third game of the World Series.
1994 For the second time in its history, the World Series is not played when players strike.
1995 Cal Ripken, Jr. breaks Lou Gehrig's consecutive games streak.
1998 Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire break the single season home run record of Roger Maris.
2000 Baseball, for the first time in its history, opens in Japan.
2001 Barry Bonds hits 73 home runs, breaking the single season record set by Mark McGwire in 1998.
2002 Strike is averted at the eleventh hour.
2003 Roger Clemens becomes only the third player with 300 wins and 3,000 strikeouts.
2004 The Boston Red Sox win their first World Series since 1918 by beating the St. Louis Cardinals in four games. In the ALCS, they came back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the Yankees in seven games.

Ty Cobb has the highest batting average at .367.

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