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The Baseballist's Expanded All-Time Team, 10/2006
Position Name
Manager Rube Foster
Coach John McGraw
Coach Joe McCarthy
Catcher Josh Gibson
Catcher Johnny Bench
First Base Lou Gehrig
First Base Jimmie Foxx
Second Base Eddie Collins
Second Base Joe Morgan
Shortstop Honus Wagner
Shortstop Pop Lloyd
Third Base Mike Schmidt
Outfield Oscar Charleston
Outfield Ty Cobb
Outfield Babe Ruth
Outfield Willie Mays
Outfield Cristobal Torriente
Outfield Joe DiMaggio
Outfield Mickey Mantle
Pitcher Walter Johnson
Pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander
Pitcher Bob Gibson
Pitcher Smokey Joe Williams
Pitcher Sandy Koufax
Pitcher Lefty Grove
Pitcher Bullet Rogan
Relief Pitcher Mariano Rivera
Relief Pitcher Hilton Smith
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