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Jimmie Foxx's Ten of the Fine Points of Batting
From Jimmie Foxx's How I Bat
Number Point
1 Pick out the type and weight of bat that best suits your needs.
2 Discover the spot in the batter's box which will allow you to cover the plate, both inside and out.
3 Study your batting stride to see whether your style of swing reqires a long step, a short one, or no step at all.
4 Don't bring your bat too far back before you start to swing.
5 Follow through and give the last part of your swing all the room it needs.
6 Watch the ball from the moment it leaves the pitcher's hand until the time the bat makes contact.
7 Relax, so that your muscles are loose from your ankles to your shoulders.
8 Watch the shifting of fielders to get a hint on location of the next pitch.
9 Be quick getting out of the batter's box after you hit the ball.
10 Hit the ball "out in front" at the top of your swing.
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