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Baseball Quotes

Curt Schilling Quotes

"I care what people think, but that doesn't change what I say. I am who I am."

"I don't hide my feelings, but when it comes to illness, I guess I don't panic. My father was the same way. I'm the provider for the family and the caretaker. If I panic, who is anybody going to run to?"

"It's command. Control is the ability to throw strikes. In the big leagues, everybody has control. Command is the ability to throw quality strikes. And when you add preparation to command, good things will happen."

"My wife is a rock in the best sense of the word. She is the true foundation of everything this family is and will be."

"The feeling after I lose a game, I can't describe how miserable, and the elation I feel after I pitch good is so much less than the bad is bad."

Quotes About Curt Schilling

"Schilling has change from being an occasional sinkerballer who would throw the slower two-seamer down in the strike zone after getting two strikes on the batter. Now he is a pitcher who almost always will stick with the high four-seam ninety-five mph fastball with two strikes. He didn't get 319 strikeouts in 1997 with sinkers." - Tim McCarver

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