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Baseball Quotes

Carl Hubbell Quotes

"A fellow doesn't last long on what he has done. He has to keep on delivering."

"I slipped (during the 1936 World Series) and the ball got away from me with nothing on it. Maybe it's lucky it hit Lou (Gehrig), instead of going over the plate."

"The screwball's an unnatural pitch. Nature never intended a man to turn his hand like that throwing rocks at a bear."

Quotes About Carl Hubbell

"(Carl) Hubbell threw a devastating screwball, a pitch that changed the course of his career." - Historic Baseball

"(Carl) Hubbell was the finest left-hander in the National League in the late 1920s and 1930s." -

"In terms of All-Star Game pitching feats, there is one standing far, far apart from all others. On July 10, 1934, in the Polo Grounds, the National League's Carl Hubbell wrote himself some baseball history by striking out the final three men of the first inning and the first two of the second. Any self-respecting baseball historian knows the names by heart, and almost invariably rattles them off so quickly it's as if the five men had one name: Ruthgehrigfoxxsimmonscronin." - Bob Ryan

"I remember one year in spring training in San Antonio. Cobb was out there standing behind the pitchers, see. Carl Hubbell was up from Oklahoma City, I think it was. Ol' Hubbell was foolin' with this darn screwball. I was standing there beside him. And Cobb told him, 'Forget that screwball.' He didn't want any of his pitchers foolin' around with any screwballs. And they got in an argument. Well, Carl was gone by the next week. He got with the Giants. Boy, Cobb made a mistake there." - Richard Bak

"I was only seven years old then, but I remember him (Carl Hubbell) doing that. And what an amazing feat. When you talk about the guys that he struck out in a row, you're talking about some of the greatest hitters that ever held a bat in their hands. You're talking about Jimmie Foxx and Lou Gehrig and Al Simmons, Babe Ruth. My God, they were something. To see him throwing that screwball to them was unbelievable." - Tommy Lasorda

"The Giants' mainstay of the 1930s, Carl Hubbell led the club to three pennants in a five-year span, during which he averaged 23 victories a season and was twice named MVP. Baffling hitters with a devastating screwball, 'The Meal Ticket' compiled a streak of 46 1/3 scoreless innings in 1933 and won 16 straight games in 1936 (and 24 over two seasons). He remains famed for his performance in the 1934 All-Star Game when he fanned Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Al Simmons and Joe Cronin in succession." - National Baseball Hall of Fame

"The source of his skill is his matchless control in using his curveball to set up his screwball. Emotions, if he has any, never affect him." - Waite Hoyt

"You (Jimmie Foxx) might as well cut. It won't get any higher." - Lou Gehrig

"With his gaunt, smiling face, big, floppy ears, and an arm permanently turned completely around from the strain of tens of thousands of screwballs, King Carl appeared unlikely to strike fear in the hearts of opposing batters." -

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